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Moving Doll in the Frame! (MDFs)
The Nude Doll is a canvas doll standing 13” tall, without the added height of her hair which brings her total height to approximately 13.5” tall.

My Doll’s construction is unique, and her body is created using brads that will be move her body parts, allowing the doll to be entirely free-moving similar with BJD. After thinking, designing, changing and creating this doll-set, I have named these sets as MDFs Moving Doll(s) in the Frame.

For the ease of handling and to increase thickness, a piece paper foam is used in the back of the doll's each part. The arms, legs, and upper body are allow for the greatest expression with body language. The head pattern includes side gussets, applied eyelids, hair which are enhanced by the look of dramatic Classic style make-up. Limited Edition in 50 , 38 unites left in stock

Doll Process:
For the ease of handling and to increase thickness, a piece handmade paper foam is used in the back of the doll's each part. If you’re curious about how I make my dolls, you can find the some photos (below) and I will write more about my creative process in the future.

MDFs Preservation:
You can play the doll and its joint likely a clock-hand, and can also add or remove other doll-accessories into the frame by ordering such as custom wallpaper, sofa, etc.

How to play with the doll in the frame:
You can pose and move its body without force. Gently and move carefully the joints in the right direction of it which likely to a clock hand. Rub with brushes to clean it carefully.

Tips for Protecting Your MDFs-Set

They are made of paper and foams, so please:
  • Do not handle roughly or force the joints to move in the way.
  • Do not pull the joints out of their pins loosen her skin holes.
  • Do not bend the doll to be slits. Keep your doll out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep your doll dry and away from water hazards.
  • If you doll does get marks or dirty, you can clean it up with soft brushes. Just be very careful on the printed surface.
  • It’s best not to take things apart, the doll-set should be on the wall anyway.

How to Order:
Currently I'm preparing and working towards my online workshops, but I am happy to take a few orders and customer orders. (but will take a bit more extra time) So if you wish to make a doll order, please email me and subscribe to the newsletter, you can always look for the updates by following me on my website.




(Magnetic Doll)

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