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WELCOMING to everyone to visit the site and join the classes. The purpose of the network is to create synergy between art lovers, art makers and artists. Special attention is given to digital paintings, traditional paintings (pencil, watercolor, oil, mixed media), illustrations and last but not the least – crafts.

  • REGISTER: To register for a class, click the PayPal BUY NOW button. Your item will be added to the Shopping Cart and click the Check Out button on that page. Fill up your bank account information OR you will be directed to PayPal page. If you have any problems dealing with PayPal, please contact them. If you want to pay in alternative means, please contact me.
  • CONFIRMATION: Once your payment is received and funds are cleared, I will send you a confirmation email. Please be patient as this may take some time.
  • EMAIL INVITATION: After confirming receipt of payment, you will be sent an invitation to join a classroom. Once you have accepted the invitation, you now have access to the classroom.
  • REQUIRMENTS: You are expected to have basic computer and Internet skills. A good speed internet connection is needed to download course materials.
  • COURSE MATERIALS: such as video clips and PDF documents are YOURS. Download them onto your computer and watch them whenever you want.
  • LEARNING STYLE: You will be learning at your own pace and just relax! Wear your pajamas or your favorite art smock! Sip on your coffee, or pour some tea! Learn any time, anywhere!
  • ONLINE ACCESS to the classroom is 24/7 once you have registered.
  • CRITIQUES are once per week for the entire duration of the live-course. I can also provide one-to-one help if you post your questions in a specific forum belonging to the classroom.
  • PARTICIPATION is highly encouraged but optional. You are invited to share your reflections and experiences and contribute in discussions but this is not a requirement.
  • Important NOTE: All course materials, artworks and supplementary materials are copyrighted and for your personal use only. If you wish to re-use them or distribute them or put it on an online/retrieval system, please request my confirmation by writing in advance.
  • REFUNDS: No Refunds will be given after you have entered the classroom.
  • Important NOTE: It’s more important to be KIND than RIGHT in this website.
    No insulting, hurtful, mean, vindictive behavior will be tolerated.
    This is our one big rule for this Community.
    Kindness is the key to sustained happiness. Let’s be Human Kind… Being nice. Encouraging and supporting one another. When we disagree, let’s disagree with kindness. If we are displeased, let’s express our displeasure in the least disturbing way.
    A gentle but a firm reminder! 

  • The content is for private use only and is not to be redistributed through email, blogs or any other medium outside of this website.
  • All information is written by Shwe Thiri Khit and various copyrights by respective owners unless otherwise stated and is subject to copyright laws.
  • All photos and images are either have been created by Shwe Thiri Khit and various copyrights by respective owners unless otherwise stated and is subject to copyright laws.
  • Linking to articles and tutorials is more than welcome if not used in a derogatory way.
  • All teaching materials are copyrighted by, and various copyrights by respective owners.

    If you are a course participant, I am totally happy for you to use it for your own PERSONAL use. HOWEVER using it as your own teaching materials or claiming as your own materials for commercial use or distribution is illegal and unethical. As we are all nice human beings, let’s respect each other’s proprietary rights.

    If you want to use my materials for commercial purposes, please ask for business partnership.

I am available to answer your questions here or by email at: stkhit[at]gmail[dot]com
Wish you all happy art making!

ALERT: My newsletter account has been hacked and I have also stopped using it. If you are getting mails "Random chronicles" from khitster[at]gmail[dot]com, please add that email to SPAM list. Sorry for all the trouble caused. Follow my BLOG. Copyrighted © 2013 Shwe Thiri Khit. All right reserved.